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STEM Rogers is a 4 book series about a family whose curious children love to imagine and explore the world around them (And sometimes bicker, as siblings often do) But occasionally their rivalry leads to something creative, and they find themselves learning how to get along, while (with a little help from their parents) also discovering how fun and exciting things like science and math can actually be.

Each book in this series is written to explore one of the four S.T.E.M. categories. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) And in each book the children find themselves experimenting with something in order to learn and understand the concept better. After reading the book, YOUR children at home can then also perform the experiment as well, giving them firsthand knowledge and a way to actually connect with what they just learned. There is also a STEM Rogers video series available online that your children can watch to see the experiments being performed. Each category and experiment focuses on its subject using things that are fun and familiar to elementary school age children such as airplanes and slime! As well, each book ends with the mention of another experiment that will further draw their interest but require them to ask questions and research it on their own or with a parent in order to learn about it.

All of the characters you will meet in the STEM Rogers books are tributes to some of those who have pioneered our world in these subjects. The dad, Steven Rogers is named after Steve Jobs, for his contribution to Technology with Apple and the iPhone. The mom, Margaret Rogers, is named after Margaret Hamilton, for her contribution to Engineering with NASA’s Apollo Space Program. 7-year-old Albert Rogers is named after Albert Einstein, for his contribution to Science with his theory of relativity and modern physics. And little 5-year-old Emmy Rogers is named after Emmy Noether, for her contribution to Mathematics with her innovations in abstract algebra. And the name Rogers is a dedication to who else but Mr. Fred Rogers, for his lifetime of love and contributions to children. Thank you and I hope you and your kids learn and enjoy!

Ages 4-6