All of my books can be read in any order. The Devil's Bible is the back story of The Angel of Meridian, which is the first book of the Meridian Series. 

Dead Man's Tale
The Curse of Edward Teach

ISBN-13: 979-8642308004

In Salem, someone has discovered that the Peabody Essex museum has hidden away one of its most valued maritime artifacts—the silver-plated skull of Blackbeard. A cursed relic that could potentially hold the secret to the word’s ultimate evil. Fortunately however, the museum curator has taken steps to ensure that that evil never resurfaces. But at the cost of his own life.


Now, in order to find the relic before it is too late, Professor Cameron Skull and the team from Alpha-Meridian must sail the Atlantic and retrace the final voyages of Captain Edward Teach—Blackbeard. But they are not alone. A newly founded terrorist organization known as Akkad, led by a man named Yaser Al-Umari, has attacked several Christian sites over the past two weeks, and is now willing to do anything to find the pirate’s treasure first, even if it means kidnapping—and beheading if necessary—Cameron’s best friend Francesco Ferrari, who is in Israel for the coming Easter holiday.


The question soon arises for all at Meridian though—Why does a group of Islamic terrorists want the skull of Blackbeard? But the answer, they soon begin to discover, is much more terrifying than even the infamous pirate himself.

The Angel of Meridian


​What could be more powerful than weapons crafted by the hand of God for his own army of angels? Bastian Santé is a man driven by greed and the desire to possess that power. Unfortunately for him, only an angel can touch angelic steel. That is, until recent breakthroughs in human genome editing have given him the hope of changing that.


Meanwhile, with an increase in archeological discoveries across the globe, the demand for trained personnel with the daringness and expertise to search and recover these precious antiquities has greatly risen in past years. From this need, a new school has emerged. Born from a small group of former private military operatives known as Nightcorp International, Alpha-Meridian’s focus is on Hazardous Relic Recovery, and trains students for the exciting, and often dangerous work of tracking down and collecting the world’s lost treasures. Professor Cameron Skull is one of A-M’s top field instructors. But when he finds himself alone and dangling from a cliff high up in the Alps on a recovery mission for the Swiss government, he is unprepared for the sight when a man suddenly falls from above him. He soon learns however, that that is only the beginning of his problems. With the help of his girlfriend Iris, and his best friend Francesco Ferrari, can Professor Skull and the team from Meridian put together enough information to stop Santé before his plan succeeds and he becomes the most powerful villain in the world?


Following ancient trails isn’t easy. And when an army of the dead stand in your way, it may just be impossible. But as they will all soon learn, playing God does not make you God

The Devil's Bible


When a horribly disfigured woman breaks into the underground depository of the Stockholm National Library in Sweden and tears out pages of satanic spells hidden deep inside the Codex Gigas – The Devil’s Bible – teams of investigators quickly realize that there is more to this than meets the eye. Meanwhile, in the Czech Republic, Colonel Cameron Skull is investigating the ravaged remains of the cemetery outside the infamous, and now touristy, Church of Bones. But when a manlike creature appears and Colonel Skull realizes the danger, it’s too late. It is then that he sees Iris for the first time, and they both quickly realize that they are connected way beyond just a physical attraction. 


Predictions are starting to come true and the clock is ticking. The Book of Revelations, Nostradamus and the Dead Sea Scrolls have all warned of this moment, and now it is upon us. The coming of the Antichrist.

The Talion Law


Just an average, perhaps boring, man - in an average, perhaps boring, town. But when things in this small town get turned upside down, he must figure out who is friend and who is foe. The past has come back to haunt him, and it's either learn to survive - or die.