Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mentors (Shepherds) or Personalities (Idols)

Here is a helpful perspective from my friend Chad Karger.

He writes, "The following comparison stemmed from my assumption that pastors and leaders oftentimes have people to whom they look for guidance and wisdom. That is a good thing. In the marketplace of church planting and pastoring, however, real, live mentors are oftentimes replaced by celebrities in the guise of books writers, bloggers, podcasters, and tweets. Celebrities serve the purpose of idolatry and begin to shape images of leading and pastoring that are distorted."
  • Mentors lead us to Christ Jesus and the cross.
    Personalities lead us deeper into ourselves and to self-improvement.
  • Mentors lead us to learn, pray, confess, and serve.
    Personalities leave us worried.
  • Mentors facilitate point us to Scripture and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
    Personalities exchange the voice of God with their own.
  • Mentors point us toward our home — to our wives and children.
    Personalities lead us to believe that our families are distractions.
  • Mentors make much of God in light of our own situations.
    Personalities make much of our situations at the expense of God.
  • Mentors caution us in joining movements and fads.
    Personalities leave us feeling left behind unless we are associated with a certain group or circle.
  • Mentors shed the proper light on the approval of man.
    Personalities make man’s approval the endgame.
  • Mentors help us to see a bigger picture in light of God’s agenda.
    Personalities flog us with the tyranny of the urgent.
  • Mentors lead us into a love of God through enjoyment of His creation.
    Personalities lead us into a love of creation.
  • Mentors heighten our awareness about the details of our lifestyle.
    Personalities convince us to look the other way.
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