Friday, February 5, 2010

Fighting the Good Fight

I've been asked: "What do you think about this?"

Here's my quick response:

I think they've got it wrong. To put it simply: they've swung too far, fallen to the other extreme. Dr. Mohler has a good piece here. Mohler writes, "The Christian man does not embrace brutality for the sake of proving his manhood." Also, Paul writes in 1 Tim. 3:3 that an overseer must not be violent but gentle. The term Paul uses for "violent" could be translated: "not a giver of blows" (see: J. N. D. Kelly, Pastoral Epistles, 1963). So the idea of having a "Fight Pastor" seems ridiculous and expressly un-biblical. I agree with the premise: Over the last 50 years, the Church has suffered by not defining or exhibiting biblical masculinity as well as it should have. But the answer (or hope) is not found in the "hyper-masculinity" displayed by the pastor shouting: “Finish the fight! To the head! To the head!”



  2. Thanks for the link, Fight Pastor. I really appreciated getting your perspective; your post was well written and well received. I'd love to hear your thoughts about 1 Tim. 3:3 and some more reflection on Christians and violence. Let's talk.