Thursday, January 14, 2010

Responding to Haiti

Pastor Jonathan Dodson offers helpful suggestions to those responding to Haiti:
  1. Go to God in prayer for the Haitians to encounter true, whole gospel relief and attention–spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, socially, and physically. Pray, “Lord have Mercy on the Haitians!”

  2. Before putting God in the dock, remember that although we all deserve death, God has graciously given some of us life. How are you using your life? Will you use it to bring blessing and hope to hurting Haitians? How will you live in response to Haiti? We will all suffer and die, perhaps not en masse or in great tragedy, but we will suffer and die. How will you suffer? How will you die?

  3. Respond intelligently and deliberately to the plight of the poor.
  • BUY needed items for Red Cross Relief and/or donate to Red Cross and the ADRN here.
  • GO to Haiti if you have medical skills by taking AA up on free airfare to go serve the Haitians. Call 212-697-9767
  • GET a HELP HAITI T-shirt. All proceeds go to HAITI.
  • JOIN Austinites from across the city on Monday night for the Hope for Haiti benefit concert at The Parish.

This is a great opportunity for you to make good culture, redeem social ill, and share a whole gospel. Don’t waste it.

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