Monday, January 4, 2010

Reading and Listening

On January 1 I began my bible reading plan for 2010. January 1: Slam Dunk. January 2-3: No Dice. Anyone else? So now it's January 4 and I'm already playing catch-up. (Yet, one of the my favorite things about my reading plan is that it gives me 5 extra days each month to catch up. Thank God for grace!)

Here are a few things to note about my bible reading plan:
  1. I read the ESV Bible. I've used this for over a year now and love it (more on this in another post perhaps). In fact, our church buys boxes of these Bibles and gives them away weekly. These are also the Bibles we use for pew Bibles.
  2. Before reading, I pray. I pray that God would speak to me, that God would help me see Jesus in the text (all of the text), that God would help me connect the dots (e.g. from Acts to Genesis to Matthew to Psalms), and that God would apply the text to my heart and not just to my head.
  3. In addition to reading the text itself, I listen to an audio version of the text (as I read). I listen to The Listener's Bible: ESV read by Max McLean.
  4. I do this for a few reasons: (1) Reading and listening simultaneously helps me to remember the text and to commit it to memory. (2) Listing to the text helps me stay focused. I'm not as easily distracted because I don't want Max McLean to get too far ahead; Max McLean has an knack for keeping my eyes on the page and away from my phone or computer.
  5. I try to talk about the text with Brandi or friends. I try to blog about it or integrate it into other writings (journal, sermon prep, etc.). This helps keep me from being "a hearer of the word only;" it allows me to be a "doer" (Jam. 1:22-23).

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