Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nickels and Noses

Brandi and I were commissioned from Ecclesia Houston to plant Christ Church in Brenham in 2007. We knew no one in the area yet felt strangely (and compellingly) called to Brenham/Chappell Hill. We purchased land to build a house and began meeting people. Thankfully, our dear friends the Cease's experienced the same calling and followed us to God's country. So we had a church of seven (including three children). Soon we connected with others in the area and began meeting in our home. We officially "launched" in September of 2007 with maybe seven adults.

As our church prepared to close out 2009, we ran the numbers of average weekly attendance, visitors, giving, etc. Our church is small but the numbers were very encouraging. Here are the average weekly numbers since we started:

2007 (3 1/2 months):
16 in attendance
1 visitors

22 in attendance (37.5% increase)
2.5 visitors (150% increase)

42 in attendance (91% increase)
3.3 visitors (32% increase)

It is encouraging to watch and experience God grow his church, to watch a newborn congregation develop as an infant into a toddler. We look forward to the future. Pray for more people to trust Christ for salvation. Pray for more Christians to wake up to the promise of an abundant life. Pray for more of God's people to experience God's grace. Pray for an increased burden for the lost and needy that surround us. Pray that God would challenge us all to pour our lives out as drink offerings (cf. 2 Tim. 4:6).

Pray for Christ Church.

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